TAoN No. 84: Photographer Wesley Verhoeve on how to notice more in the everyday. Plus a new icebreaker, and more.
Some mistakes were made. (By me!) Plus other notes from this newsletter's first three months with a paid option
And the case for a private manifesto. PLUS: The Heard playlist No. 3
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Or is it a routine? Summer School Post No. 7, the series finale, offers some thoughts on the difference.
TAoN No. 82: Better listening with Ximena Vengoechea. Plus a new icebreaker, and more.
Special Ida-Delayed Quasi Edition: a quick update and explanation of TAoN's erratic schedule lately! (But still, there's a prompt.)
Summer School Post No. 6: Inclining the mind toward everyday wonder. Despite ... well, everything.
TAoN No. 81: Hunting for neglected namesakes; Austin Kleon's book club; a new icebreaker; and more
Summer School Post No. 5: Exploring new ways to walk. Promenade plays, errand hangs, creative collections, doing it backwards, and more.
TAoN No. 80: Building a library of curious conversation. Plus a new Missing Word, and more
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