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Great Icebreaker!

Kudos to E!

Can't help but wonder what broke the ice for two, when you first met.😊

Like the Name Game!

Some things to consider the names of:





There is a town about 45 minutes away from me in Massachusetts named Franklin. It was started in 1790 and named after Ben Franklin.

The town wrote to Ben and told him they had named their town Franklin in his honor and asked him to send them money for a Church bell. Franklin responded by sending them books instead and suggested they be used to set up a lending library. The town did just that, and thus created the very first public library in the US!!

Congrats on 15k subscribers!!

Interesting Math..

less Rob = more subs

(what's up with that!)

That is high praise indeed from Austin, who really knows a ton about books that you were selected for his Book Club. Well Done, Rob!

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Whenever I see some TV show, exhibit, etc. underwritten by, supported by, etc., I like to them up and see who they are, from where their money came, and the causes that they support. Some are business people who ran a large company, inherited wealth, or some small foundation begun upon the death of a family member.

A real education into the lives of our fellow citizens.

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Thanks for another great post. I recently got off social media, but often still want to engage with the internet during downtime and sort of don't know how anymore, and newsletters have become important to me. Not just for the initial entertainment but for the direction as well and links. So thanks!

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Love the "namesake" prompt! Upon reading it, I immediately googled Firefighter Dan DeFranco, for whom an unremarkable building on my block is named (the building is on E 23rd St in Manhattan; Rob, it is across the street from SVA so you might be familiar with it, there is a Salvation Army shop on the ground floor: https://www.hmdb.org/m.asp?m=153971).

I always thought the building was kind of a lame tribute to poor Firefighter DeFranco, whoever he was. But having been prompted to look him up, I now understand why he was honored. He developed a clean-air system to clear firehouses of diesel fumes and devoted himself to installing one in every FDNY firehouse. Diesel fumes pose serious health and safety risks in firehouses; prior to DeFranco's campaign, the issue was often avoided by simply painting building interiors black to hide the sooty stains. Some firehouses in other places still lack a system to manage these fumes.

Thank you for making me learn something today! I also love the icebreaker, though I would have trouble narrowing it down to one thing.

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