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  • Noticing is about other people, too. The Icebreaker series aims to help with that. There’s a central collection spot for all the icebreakers to date, here. || There’s also an Icebreaker Slack app, here. (Back story on that here.)

This week’s icebreaker is from Being Hear, a “book about being present and listening,” from designer Scott Boms:

Do you believe in destiny, or in the power of free will?

Scott sent me Being Hear way back in 2019, recognizing the many ways its themes overlapped with The Art of Noticing book and newsletter. Beautifully illustrated by Fuchsia MacAree (see below), it includes essays and meditations and exercises from multiple contributors, and it’s all very enjoyable and thoughtful. One of my favorite sections is a big set of “questions to get to know someone,” divided into two groups – starter questions, and “deeper” questions.

This one is my favorite of the “deeper” set. It’s something I think about a lot. There’s an awful lot of compelling evidence that there is no free will, but I continue to believe in it anyway. I guess that’s a form of faith. What about you?

Check out more of Scott’s terrific work, here. Very belated but very sincere thanks for Being Hear, Scott!

Fuchsia MacAree illlustrations

As usual, I’m still working through the backlog of icebreaker submissions. But as always, I want more:

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