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It's a fun topic of conversation, but maybe you hang out with higher-brow people than I do β€” I don't think destiny vs. free will would get me very far in my crowd. But you know what? I'm going to to give it a try, now that I'm attending social functions once again...

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I believe that BOTH Destiny and Free Will are part of our lives.

Some examples of Destiny:

When and where we are born.

What family we are born into.

Our DNA/ Phyiscal Characteristics.

Our gender, race, intelligence, etc.

Some examples of Free Will:

We choose who we love, what we think, how hard we work, how we act and react, etc.

Note to Rob and Josh: Come visit me some time on The Island of Misfit Toys and bring your peers! You will fit right in!😊

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Hi Rob, you were mentioning "There’s an awful lot of compelling evidence that there is no free will, but I continue to believe in it anyway." could you give me some links to the experiments which provide this evidence? Up until now I could only see rather simple reactions experiments, which bring compelling evidence that we do have habits which are automatic. I haven't found evidence for larger decisions experiments like the type of values one decides for his/her life, the type of abilities one decides to develop, creativity and innovation, imagination, artistic endeavors. In my view these are also related to free will and destiny as they build one's life. Thanks a lot!

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