TAoN Extra: The Icebreaker List

Hey folks,

Here’s a quick/mini/extra TAoN notice. Lots of you have asked if I could put all the Icebreakers in one place. I finally found time to do that, in this Google doc. I’ll update it as future Icebreakers appear in the newsletter.

Have suggestions for how to improve the doc? Have Icebreakers of your own to share? Let me know at consumed@robwalker.net.

That’s it! Have a great week, and the regular TAoN will be back next Monday.

— Rob

P.S. On separate note: The AIGA Portland [OR] Design Book Club will be discussing The Art of Noticing at its next get-together, Feb 8. Details are here, if that is where you happen to be. “Combine your love of reading and design with the AIGA Portland Book Club! AIGA members and non-members are invited to join this free, in-person book club.”

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