Seeking questions for my new NYT "watercooler therapy" column. PLUS: 2011-2012 Where Were You? exclusive.

Oh, uh, hi, yeah ... it's me. Again. Sorry for the interruption, but the recent frequency of these emails is a side effect of ... lots of stuff going on. But this should be it for a while, so I'll get to the point(s).

1. Need some watercooler therapy? Know someone who does? Starting in August I'll be writing a new advice column for the NYT Sunday Business section, titled The Workologist. As announced in today's Times:

Have a Workplace Worry? Ask the Workologist
The C.E.O., the cubicle dweller, the summer intern, the Starbucks-telecommuter — everyone in the modern workplace has something in common: We all need advice sometimes. Beginning in August, a new Sunday Business column by Rob Walker will offer help. Whether you’re wrestling with a career issue, trying to finesse delicate office politics, or are just flummoxed by one of the countless workaday irritations of life on the job, send your questions to (You can request that your name be withheld for publication, but we may need to reach you for clarification, so please include your name and daytime contact information)

I am excited about this. It's a subject that interests me greatly, and a form I've never worked in. I think it could be a lot of fun ... but much depends on the questions. So seriously: If you or someone you know could use some advice on a workplace issue, from the serious to the frivolous, PLEASE send in a question — and/or PLEASE spread the word. This enterprise definitely depends on good/interesting/smart/(bizarre/startling) inquiries.

(PS: This does not affect my ongoing work for Yahoo and Design Observer.)

2. Where Were You? 2011-2012 + secret deal for subscribers to this newsletter:

I have no idea how many of you actually know about Where Were You? but it is a side project of mine that deals with the intersection of high-profile death and day-to-day life. Since 1992, I have kept notes on "where I was" when I learned that this or that well-known person had died; these notes address whatever that person makes me think about. In the past I've made zine-like collections of all entries for each year from 2006 to 2010.

Now at long last the 2011-2012 double edition is available on Magcloud, and the digital version will be free until next weekend, when I'll announce it officially and figure out a price (probably a couple of bucks). So you've got a week to get yours, tell your friends, etc.

Using Magcloud is an experiment. For the digital version of a publication, you can use their reader, or download a PDF (that's what I did). You can also buy a printed version. I've ordered mine, but it won't arrive for a few days so I can't comment on the quality. I'll leave the price on that at $17.60 (meaning no author markup, that's Magcloud's base cost) until next weekend if you're interested — but I realize that ain't cheap!

That's all. I'll leave you alone for a while! Hope you've enjoyed a lovely long holiday weekend,