RW Quarterly Update: Pokémon Go in the Lower Ninth Ward; DIY AR-15; Savage Lovecast; etc.

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Hey everybody — I'll be brief!

[ 1. ] NEWS
Pokémon Go in the Lower Ninth Ward. Pretty much what it sounds like: A few weeks ago I got interested in the claim that the game could work as a sort of urban-exploration tool, so I decided to put that to the test in the neighborhood where we live in New Orleans. This is what I learned.

This is part of a personal writing project (a/k/a "hobby"), pieces about places, or about ideas about place, that probably don't have much commercial appeal, so I'm just putting them out myself. (To my surprise, The Daily Dot asked to reprint this one, but that's just a nice bonus.)

The series is called Letters From Here. In addition to the New Orleans vs. NOLA pieces that I promoted here earlier, it also includes some older items that I dug up recently. This is all in the spirit of Letters From New Orleans, which was actually an online project before it became a book.

Anyway, there will be more. So please check it out, follow on Medium — and share with others. I really appreciate it.

  • A Crypto-Anarchist Will Help You Build a DIY AR-15. The latest innovation (if that's the right word?) from Cody Wilson of 3D-printed gun fame. Feature for Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • Tag / Anti-Tag. From an essay for The Quarterlya beautiful print publication by the Design Observer folks — about the work of photographer Matthieu Martin, who has recognized surprising aesthetic value in graffiti "buffs."

  • Workologist, City Tech, and other stuff posted here on Facebook, as usual.

  • If you happen to a "Magnum" subscriber to Dan Savage's Savage Lovecast, you can hear my guest turn on that show here. Very fun.

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  1. "We Care A Lot," Faith No More

  2. "Boy," Book of Love

  3. "Baby, Oh No," Bow Wow Wow

  4. "The Boy With The Perpetual Nervousness," The Feelies

  5. "Stop It," Pylon

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