RW Quarterly Report: Tech+Arts Flipboard mag; zines available; TOE appearance; book giveaway! Etc.

Hello! Here is the latest RW update — still in less-intrusive, more-concise Quarterly List Format™ ! And only one month late! (Yikes; lost track of time there.)



  • August: Keep an eye out for Kern Your Enthusiasm, a series Joshua Glenn has organized for HiLobrow: "25 posts, by 25 contributors, analyzing and celebrating a few of our favorite (and least favorite) typefaces." Great writer lineup! My contribution involves a style of hand-painted signage in Savannah.

  • On Oct. 7: I'll be speaking (partly about Significant Objects) at the Sheldon Museum of Art in Lincoln, Nebraska, in connection with the exhibition Things Speak: Storied Objects from Lincoln Collections. If you are in that part of the world and want to meet up, drop a line to

RECENTLY (=since the last RW Quarterly Report):

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-- > DEPT. of GIVEAWAY! Mark Frauenfelder's excellent book Maker Dad features a dazzling array of cool "father-daughter DIY projects." Really, it would be fun for any parent/child combo, regardless of gender. I have one (1) copy to send to ... you?? If you're interested, email before midnight Wednesday July 30, 2014. Winner to be chosen, as always, via proprietary algorithm.
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NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS: Yahoo Tech columns and posts are still here. | Design Observer (which has just launched a snazzy redesign) posts are here. | Biweekly NYT Sunday Business advice column, Workologist, posted regularly on the Rob Walker Facebook page; archive here. | @notrobwalker on Twitter | MKTG on Tumblr. | Unconsumption on Tumblr.


AND YOU? What's up, what's coming up, what might you want plugged? Don't be shy.

That's it! More in two or three (or four?) months. Enjoy the rest of the summer!


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