RW Quarterly Report: Organist podcast; text-construction on Gauss PDF, etc.

[Interesting note: The below RW Quarterly Report delayed by a day because it was "flagged" for "content, keywords, or activity that can indicate the possibility of harmful information being sent through our service." I had to go through a rigamarole to clear my rep. I hope you are not harmed by any information that follows.]

Hello! Here is the latest RW Quarterly Report — the first of 2015. And actually, since the last note I sent out was a quick one, this is the first real update since last October. Yikes.

Still, most of the news is pretty new.


1. For The Organist, the arts-and-culture audio collaboration between KCRW and McSweeney’s, I interviewed Rick Prelinger: An archivist, educator and filmmaker, he’s lately been making some amazing films built entirely out of old home movies. I talked to him about his most recent and most wide-ranging experiment with this form, titled No More Road Trips? Listen to that here.

2. The supercool Gauss PDF has published “Businessman Hands,” a text I made from captions on Shutterstock. Plus there’s an audio component! I had a lot of fun putting this together as a purely recreational activity over the holidays, and couldn’t be more pleased to see it finding its way into the world through this particular venue.

3. This one is a little belated, but I was and remain pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic response to How To Pay Attention: 20 Ways To Win The War Against Seeing, which I wrote for the mighty re:form.

4. For Design Observer: The Music Video, Rebooted, is about the ways technology is shaping music-video aesthetics. Related: my Tech + Arts Music Videos 2014 YouTube playlist; my Art + Tech Music Videos 2015 playlist (in progress, obviously); and my Music Videos Vimeo channel.

5. And on the Yahoo Tech front, of the many things published there since last October, I’d point you to this one if you missed it: Meet the people who create fake Apple product designs.

NO NEWS: Yahoo Tech columns and posts are still here. | Design Observer posts are here. | Biweekly NYT Sunday Business advice column, Workologist, posted regularly on the Rob Walker Facebook page; archive here | @notrobwalker on Twitter | MKTG on Tumblr | Unconsumption on Tumblr


AND YOU? What's up, what's coming up, what might you want plugged? Don't be shy.

That's it! More in two or three (or four?) months. Till then…


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