RW Quarterly Report: Moving; digital address books; Soundcloud; AK-47s, etc.

Opening theme: “Losing My Edge,” by LCD Soundsystem
[ 1. ] NEWS
We are moving! Do not mail anything to us in Savannah! New mailing address (in New Orleans) forthcoming in the next Quarterly Report. (If you need to send something sooner, contact me at ... although because of the move, which is starting pretty much right now, it may take a few days for me to respond.)

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  • How my digital address book accidentally acquired memento mori functionality. For The New York Times Sunday Review.

  • Soundcloud is the most fascinating player in the Grand Streaming Wars of 2015 that hardly anyone (else) covers in depth. For Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • The anonymous designer behind a human-scale street intervention project called Rotten Apple. For Design Observer.

  • The workplace generation gap: Advice from readers to mark the two-year anniversary of The Workologist. For The New York Times Sunday Business.

  • AK-47 vs. M-16: The brilliant Universe of Collisions project by art collective The Propeller Group. For Grand Arts.

  • A guerrilla urban-design effort catches on by connecting with "herocrats." For Land Lines.

  • Ultimate Dissent: Self-immolation in the global village. For Primer.

  • & finally: Not exactly work, but I learned a lot, and got to moderate three super-impressive panelists on the subject of manufactured objects, at the MIT + MoMA Knotty Objects event.

[ 3. ] A PLUG

Jennifer Shaw's wonderful book of photographs, Hurricane Story, has just been released in a new enhanced ebook version, including a new afterword and an audio interview with the artist. (My intro is also included.) More here.


dreambeam: the most beautiful picture i’ve ever taken

[ 5. ] Playlist "Γ," Error.Error
"The Snake," Maximillian
"Survival," Adult Mom
"Let Me Know," Mayer Hawthorne
"What A Crying Shame," The Mavericks
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