RW Quarterly Report: MoMA event (and ticket giveaway!); new 'Where Were You?', Hale County design; headphone question; etc.

Hello! Here is the latest RW update — now in new & improved, less-intrusive, more-concise Quarterly List Format™ !


The latest annual zine in the long-running Where Were You? project is now available for purchase. (This is "a life in death" obits + memoir project involving journal-like entries about notable deaths, how I heard about them, and whatever thoughts they inspired. More background here.) Print run this time will be somewhere between 25 and 50 copies, TBD.

They'll look like this, and will ship some time in April. Pre-order price is $5, postage included.

Purchase via Paypal (or credit card) here.


  • March 27, 2014, Museum of Modern Art, NYC: A public discussion between Cody Wilson, creator of the Liberator 3D-printed gun, and me, about the ethics and implications of open-source design. In connection with MoMA's Design and Violence online exhibition. Details here. (Related giveaway below.)

  • Early June, 2014, School of Visual Arts, NYC: Excited to be part of D*Crit Intensive again — "a two-week intensive devoted to research and writing about design." Once more my role will involve strategies for writing about objects. Details still in motion, but more here. (Application deadline April 1.)



-- > DEPT. of GIVEAWAY! I have an allotment of four (4) complimentary passes to the Design and Violence event cited above. Do you want one? Respond to (for this one, do NOT reply directly to this newsletter). First come, first served! (Congrats to RAOJ for being selected by our proprietary algorithm as the winner of last issue's giveaway to receive a bottle of Eau My, the George Tekkai fragrance. Enjoy!)

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PLUGS: Selected Ambient Works II, Marc Weidenbaum's deep dive into the Aphex Twin album for the vaunted 33 1/3 series, is excellent. Geoff Manaugh interviews Weidenbaum here. | Benjamen Walker's Theory of Everything is totally killing it lately. (No relation.) | Paul Lukas has two efforts-in-motion that deserve your attention. 1. "Do you have any records with other people's names written on them? Would you like to try to track down those people?" If so go here immediately. This could be so great! 2. Imagine the Oakland A's logo tweaked to say "Aesthetics." Do you want that T-shirt? I do. | LEO The Maker Prince: Journeys in 3D Printing, by Carla Diana — first-ever children's book to incorporate 3D printing. | Craftivism: The Art And Craft of Activism, by Betsy Greer. Just got my copy and it looks really impressive. | HD's Clothing Company, Dallas menswear shop: fantastic! | Two recent notable offerings from designer Lea Redmond: My Museum, a journal for sketching and collecting, and Connexio: A Game of Infinite Associations and Imagination.

AND YOU? What's up, what's coming up, what do you want plugged?

That's it! More in three months — assuming there's anything worth saying in three months! Enjoy your spring! rw