RW Quarterly: Redesigns, Snopes, the Gadsden Flag, etc.

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Hey everybody — let's not talk about the election!

As always, I'll be brief:
[ 1. ] NEWS
The New York Times Magazine has a special design issue out today. I wrote this longish reported essay about redesigns — why they happen, how they work, and when they don't. The whole issue is quite interesting and worth the printed version, I'd say.

  • In that same NYT Mag issue, I also have a short "endpaper" partly about New Zealand's experiment with crowdsourcing the redesign ... of its national flag.

  • Also somewhat recently, I wrote this feature about the transformation of Snopes from niche urban legend-debunker to real-time rumor-checking operation, for the Webby Awards. (Fair warning: Although written and published prior to the election, this does include some Trump material.)

  • Here's a shorter piece, on debating the shifting "meaning" of the Gadsden Flag, for

  • And here's a short article about Ad Magic, the manufacturing company that, starting with Cards Against Humanity, has quietly become the go-to source for crowdfunded tabletop game creators (which is a bigger category than you think). For Bloomberg Businessweek.

  • Finally, I'm very excited about the publication of Problems & Provocations, a beautiful book covering the remarkable achievements of Grand Arts and its many collaborators. I contributed a pretty detailed exploration of a project by The Propeller Group, and some shorter pieces as well. Congrats to the Grand Arts crew — and I'm expecting great things from the new organization that some of its alums have started, Fathomers. Keep an eye on that.

  • Still more recent stuff, including Workologist columns, on my public Facebook page.

[ 3. ] PLUGS

Amy Krouse Rosenthal's new book, Textbook Amy Krouse Rosenthal, is a fascinating experiment non-linear observational semi-memoir. Also: there's an actual texting component. Very original. More here.

Design and Violence, the online exhibition and book that originated at MoMA, has its debut as a physical-world exhibition, in Dublin. Details here.


[ 5. ] Playlist

  • "Call Me," Chambers Brothers

  • "Cook Me," Izabo

  • "It's Nobody's Fault But Mine," Lucinda Williams

  • "Night Time Is The Right Time," John Lee Hooker

  • "I'm Done," The Julie Ruin

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