Rob Walker June Newsletter (sequel): Announcing Procrastinaut!

Hi there. I like what you're wearing. Is it new?

Anyway, a quick note to announce a new Yahoo-related development I'm pretty excited about: Procrastinaut. From the announcement post that just went up:, updated throughout the week, will offer a steady stream of the very finest diversions that modern technology has to offer. Partly we aim to celebrate creativity and highlight inventiveness — the surprising, hilarious, disturbing, delightful things that people make and/or share with the ever expanding-digital toolkits at our disposal. And partly, of course, we just want to provide you with a pleasing alternative to whatever is you’re really supposed to be doing. After all, one of the miracles of modern technology is its enhancement of our ability to look busy.

Naturally we’ve been stocking this cabinet of curiosities for a couple of weeks before telling you about it, so dive right in. This week’s highlights (plus a few bonus items) below. Follow Procrastinaut on Tumblr, right here.

This is a refinement of the weekly linkdown I've been doing for a few months, and I'll also be using the Procrastinaut rubric on Yahoo posts that delve into these odd corners of tech culture in a more expansive way. I hope you'll check it out, follow Procrastinaut on Tumblr, tell your friends, spread the word -- and feel free to suggest subjects*! If nothing else, do enjoy the Procrastinaut illustration; so good.

I'll also mention that Yahoo News just rolled out a nice redesign. I took advantage of the improvements in this whopping visual roundup of Google-derived art and design projects. Oh, and one thing on Design Observer I want to mention, also a roundup: Street art that draws attention to more than just itself.

Finally, on a technical note: The URL for my Yahoo contributions has changed. It is now (Still no particular hope on on RSS feed, I'm sorry to say.)

That's it! If there's news with you, I'm always happy to hear it. But N.B.: * It's best to contact me at, and not reply directly to this email. For boring technical reasons, I'll see it sooner if you use the direct email address.

Have a lovely weekend,