Rob Walker June 2013 Newsletter: Printing the Internet, betraying Apple, how to get a beautiful postcard, etc.

Hey there — you look great today!

As usual I've let a while go by, but here is the latest quick update from me — concluding with the usual request to hear what's up with you.

Yahoo News news:

I'm having a lot of fun with my new gig, mentioned last time, as a columnist for Yahoo News. People keep asking whether there is an RSS feed for my column and sadly the answer remains: No. FWIW, I'm posting all my stuff to, and @notrobwalker. Another Twitter option is @YahooTech, which is really well-run by Jason Gilbert, and will also get you Virginia Heffernan's columns, Jason's work, and other stuff Jason finds interesting.

I realize those answers may not suit everyone. A portion of what I'm writing plays off current events, but some should hold up just as well days or weeks after publication, so here are a few recent pieces I enjoyed and hope you might, too, if you haven't already read 'em:

Meanwhile, on Design Observer:

If you read and enjoy any of this, please tell your friends, fans, and followers. Thanks — it makes a big difference.

In Other News:

So that's my news. What is yours?