A new book, and other news

Greetings. It's been over a year since my last "quarterly" newsletter. (You're welcome!) But now I actually have news. Two things.

1. I have a new book coming out in the spring of 2019. It's called The Art of Noticing. It's too early to say a lot about that, but in short it's a series of 131 prompts and exercises designed to help you get better at noticing and paying attention, and convincing you that this is both important and fun.

It's illustrated by Oliver Munday, who is great. The publisher is Knopf, where everybody has been terrific. It's very different from anything I've ever done, and I'm very excited (and possibly somewhat nervous) about it.

As a result, this newsletter is going to change. It's going to stop being whatever it has been up to now, and become The Art of Noticing newsletter — which will be more frequent, and I hope more useful & entertaining. I'm going to soft launch that, as they say, in the next week or so. It's going to be a lot better! I really hope you'll give it a look.

2. The Workologist column that I've been writing for NYT Sunday Business section for the last five years is coming to an end. It's running through the end of 2018, online and (as I understand it) in the Monday print edition. I'll miss the readers, for sure, but it had a good run! I'll continue posting columns on Twitter and Facebook until it ends, and I assume it will continue to show up at nytimes.com/column/workologist; there's also an archive on my site, though sometimes I am slow updating that.

Anyway, I've gotten a few notes about Worko's end already, so I'll just say in general: Thank you for the kind words! Etc. No further kind words are required. But feel free to go to the latest column and email, tweet, and share it with everyone you know :)

More seriously, I'm exploring finding a new home for the column (under a different name of course, and with some tweaks I've wanted to make for a while), but it would have to be the right circumstances. So if you have tips or contacts related to that, please let me know.

Okay, moving on: Stay tuned for the Art of Noticing newsletter, I'm excited to get that going!

All the best/