TAoN Book Notice: A simple observation exercise adapted from something on my shelf. Plus The Heard No. 20
TAoN No. 99: Valuable advice from writer/performer Rob Baedeker. PLUS: A new Missing Word, and more.
What's your favorite time-killer?For all my (sincere!) talk of staying engaged with the real world and protecting your attention, I have a weakness for silly online time-wasters…
Another form of listening, and its value. Plus The Heard No. 19.
TAoN No. 98: Toward deeper conversations. Plus, a new (special edition!) icebreaker, and more
A 2022 "flow" challenge, courtesy of Mary Peter Kenyon. Plus The Heard No. 18
TAoN No 97: In praise of moments of silence. Plus: A new Missing Word, and more
A counterintuitive new year goal, inspired by psychologist Paul Bloom. Also: a holiday-centric The Heard No. 17, and my sincere gratitude.
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